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Please Vote Sharma

The link below offers information on where to vote. Advanced voting begins on October 5th and General Election Day is October 15th

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Vote Rishi Sharma for Saanich Council

October 15, 2022

Rishi Sharma grew up in Saanich and continues to live in Saanich where he is raising his three young children with his partner. As a former Director on the Gordon Head Residents Association, he understands the value of community service. As a BC public servant for the past 21 years, he understands the critical difference between municipal and provincial governance. Vote for Rishi on October 15, 2022 to build a better Saanich.

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Video: Walking and Talking Municipal Politics with Rishi

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Top Priorities

Investing in Community

Focused investments into arts and recreation programming to create a more livable Saanich for all residents.

Economic Development

I would welcome a discussion with the community on implementing a "Destination Saanich" initiative. We need to develop and implement a strategy that builds a culture of economic success that allows for responsible growth of our community. The constant tax increases we see every year aren’t sustainable. My focus will be to build economic growth through business and residential development with policies that reward green initiatives.

Safer Roads

Increased attention to our roads and sidewalks while building an active transportation system that is safe for all users!

A Cleaner Community

Continued work toward climate change initiatives to help create a more energy efficient and climate change conscience district.

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Vote Rishi Sharma for Saanich Council 

Let's Build a Better Saanich

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Issues of Interest

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Value-based Leadership

I support looking at ways to increase more active listening and value-based leadership on council and with all leadership in the District. We need more opportunities to hear from residents, stakeholders, and associations in Saanich, and ensure they are engaged and contributing their voice to the challenges and solutions in the community.

Transportation Vision

Use my lived-experience and work within the province to develop a robust active transportation system allowing for less congestion on Saanich roads. Our roads are a shared space between vehicles, pedestrians, public transit, and cyclists. With a proposed increase in housing density we need to ensure constant attention from the engineering department, planning, and policing to ensure safety of all. I would also work towards more charging stations for the electric vehicles.

Affordability and Housing

Saanich can be a vibrant place that is affordable for all. I would introduce a livable city plan that begins by reviewing all aspects of affordability, from housing to active transportation, to accessible arts and recreation programs. A lens on affordable housing is important to all Saanich residents - a significant issue that is getting more important considering constant increased living costs. Since housing is a multi-governmental issue, our plan must include partners from neighbouring municipalities as well as the provincial and federal governments.

Economic Development

I would recommend creating an economic development plan by working with local businesses, post secondary institutions, indigenous communities, industry associations, and neighboring Chambers of Commerce to help with increasing revenue for the municipality and halting the rise of taxes and fees on taxpayers.
It’s time to focus on economic development in Saanich to generate more revenue for services and supports for residents without having to continue to raise taxes and fees. Now is the time to implement a culture of economic success and responsible growth so residents in Saanich can enjoy affordable living, improved amenities and programs while keeping more of their hard-earned money in their pockets.

Contact Rishi

If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please contact me directly. I look forward to hearing from you!

250 704-8931

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